Sunday, May 31, 2009

old friend

choose to met old friend
so, sorry yung for not going out with you
heard you said that you're had fun
well, today woke up early
around 8.40 reached jotham house
by the time i reached
he was playing football(x-box) with david
haiz...i wanted to play so badly TT
after that we headed to the ktm station
bought 2 way for midvalley
reached there, we rushed to the theater
scare there would be a long line
bought 1.35pm terminator movie ticket
met up with old friend,steve thong
then bla bla bla bla
after that movie starts xD
very nice movie
worth it LOL
that's all for today bah
nothing much to blog already
have a nice day

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


not a good day=(
yesterday morning we got screwed up by mr.lim
even monitors also kena
cause didnt run the class properly
and simply passing our tags
swee ee and the rest got the worst
they all were cane on the ass !
shit ! damn bloody loud, even i also feel so "gek sim"
i fail addmaths man !
swt...but not lowest la
later at 2.45 am
woke up just to see manu game
didnt turn up at svs, sorry guys, feel so lazy to go out
bad match...manu lost


OK back to happy moments
few hours later went school
happy teachers' day
many people skips school today
they tought it will be damn boring
but actually it was fun xD
the performances was damn nice
the hip hop
the singing
the diabolo
after the closing ceremony
we are BEBAS !!!
dunno why im so high after that
keep on running
screaming and also playing and teasing my friends
we took videos also
damn bloody funny
must watch !
enjoy !!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fri n Sat Day

today im not gonna post what happened today
instead im gonna post what happened on
the day before yesterday and also
the day before today =P
well, on friday my day started when
i opened my eyes LOL
went school, it was the last day of examination
damn fun and happy !
pjk paper, was so damn easy
sejarah start right after pjk
sejarah was ok
actually easy
after school
went to pizza to have a small celebration
after pizza we decided to go jotham's house to play
when we reach there
wai loon awas there already, david just left
they both were watching SAW
saw movie 1
it was a freaking horror film
damn bloody scary !
the mastermind make his victim to kill themself
without touching them by himself
wtf man !
after the movie end
we start playing x-box 360 !
woots !
damn nice
played PES
vs jotham n nicholas(2 times)
all the matches i played results in victory
so obvious man
i so pro =X
joking joking
they actually not bad

my saturday started when
i opened my eyes again xD
wake up early around 7
cause going out to play football
that crazy kevin loh
reached my house so early=.=
football was not bad la
i was like ronaldo
until someone kicked my leg
then i "pai kiok" already
after football, rush back then went to 1u
watched night at the museum 2
the movie was funny though,i would prefer the first part
whichever part oso nicer than saw !
after movie, went to walk around 1u for awhile
then all went back
except kah hoe, me, jun yang and kor weng
we went metro to have dinner
after dinner, back home !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

linkin park-new divide

sup guys
it's been so long that i've posted a blog
was busy with exam recently
but not really studying xD
instead, im playing back ps2
and online
dad bought laptop
sister bought laptop
since they bought their own laptop
i own the computer now
on 18th may 2009
linkin park release their new single
new divide
theme song for transformer 2 movie
here are the lyrics

i remember the black skies
the lightning all around me
i remembered each flash
as time began to blur
Like a startling sign
that fate had finally found me
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
to prove me wrong
to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason
to fill this hole
connect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
Across this new divide

There was nothing in sight
but memories left abandoned
There was nowhere to hide
the ashes fell like snow
And the ground caved in
between where we were standing
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
to prove me wrong
to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Across this new divide

In every loss
in every lie
In every truth that you'd deny
And each regret
and each goodbye
was a mistake to great to hide
And your voice was all I heard
That I get what I deserve

So give me reason
to prove me wrong
to wash this memory clean
Let the floods cross the distance in your eyes
Give me reason
to fill this holeconnect the space between
Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies
Across this new divide

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


after school, stayed back, skip tuition
too dulan already after exam
make me no mood go tuition
played basketball to lepas geram !
while resting, we found that in our gang
there were many talents for drifting
woah XD
videos will be uploaded soon
sry for the inconvinient !

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers' day

yesterday celebrated already
home made steamboat, lol
as usual, bored =.=
the weather was worse compare to yesterday
damn hot !
cant sleep
cant concentrate when studying
even sit at home also can sweat
argh !!!
all my aunts turn up
to visit my grandma
except the youngest aunt
2 of them gave cake to my grandma
cake again !
there is 3 types of cake already at home
eat till i fat =.="
at night
my cousin came, to wish my grandma
happy mothers' day
another cake was presented
it starts tomorrow
didnt revise at all xP
spend the whole day in front of computer
and watch MU at the night
so, all form4 KBians, tomorrow

Saturday, May 9, 2009

mothers' day eve

woke up around 9
look outside the window
"OMG" what a good weather
to play football
too bad exam getting nearer
nobody wants to play
nothing special after that
went tuition as usual at 1.30
later that night
we had steamboat at home
celebrated mothers' day
to bad no pictures
no camera, HP lost
my future bro in laws came too
to celebrated together
in conjunction to help my dad on his newly bought laptop
my dad bought a new laptop
it's his, not mine...
after steamboat for 1 and a half hour or more than that
mom cut cake, dunno wat cake is that =.=
green in colour...
no other wish, hope that mom
will stay pretty, stay healthy and stay happy
watched everton v tottenham
with 2 future bro in law
1 of them leftt half time
1 the other wan left after 70 mins
then it's me alone watching it
felt sleepy, so i came up
and post this blog
at the moment i came up
the scoreline's stuck at 0-0
in 87th minutes

Friday, May 8, 2009

HQ sqm baru

today is the closing ceremony of english fornight week
both the winners from art and science stream
presented their wining performance
4B is the better side
and no doubt they will be champion
if there is a grand finale between 4B and 4K
after that, sqm have a change of HQ
this new HQ is way better than the last wan
cos it's near the field (=
damn tiring, transfering stuffs from the new to the old HQ
but it's fun and nice, cause no need to enter maths class
didnt enter the class the whole day
and even escape DC
after school, went lunch with daw juin
he brought his form6 gang
one of them really damn funny
making lots of "jokes"
many of his friend really gamer
played a lot yet still have the potential to enter form6
what they talk today was about DOTA
really makes me wanted to play back
well exam's damn near now
so every KB students
good luck
and study hard too

Thursday, May 7, 2009

ter-fall down

today around 3.10
i was walking back home from Jot's house
played his x-box 360 =D
on my way back
i felt into the longkang
fortunately, no serious damaged and injuries
only minor scratches on my left hand
after reach home, took a bath and quickly bandage it
then set off to pusat tuisyen cekap
for chemistry tuition
no repeat of last season's champions league finale
as chelsea were eliminated
iniesta's 3th stoppage time minutes goal
broke chelsea's heart
anyway it's a great goal
same goes to essien's left-footed volley opening goal
congratz to barca
as well as MU
try again next year chelsea and arsenal
if MU win, they will be the first team to retain
europe's elite club competition
i hope they can do it !
best of luck MU !
and to soon zee
if u lose dont run away

Monday, May 4, 2009

choir singing competition

today was the singing competition for all form4
i didnt know that our class can perform this good
but i know is sure lose already la
other classes were much better
but who knows ?
maybe we can win ?(im dreaming=.=)
the results will be announced tomorrow
nothing to post already la
that's all for today
have a nice day everyone ^^

Sunday, May 3, 2009

exam coming soon

mid term examination coming soon
countdown 1 more week
11 may till i dunno when
today i revised addmaths
damn it
so damn hard
everytime i do, sure headache wan
but still manage to finish some exercises la
=D damn proud man=.=
today learnt a lot from eujin
who is eujin ?
lee eujin
ex-smkb students
my athletic ex-senior
he advise me a lot
taught me a lot of things
and fuyoh !
guess what , my senior eujin
got girl in mind man
and he had a very good planning
very mature thinking
lazy to mention what it is
futhermore it is people's privacy
i was impressed and also proud of him
i wish him all the best
goodluck for every thing he do
and the best of luck to him
i think that's all for today
nights everyone^^

Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-men origins:Wolverine

sorry for late update =X
just come back
went to watch x-men origins:wolverine today
with dad and mom
brem mall 7.15 pm
went there abt 6pm
had dinner at wong kok
after that movie start
damn freaking cold in the cinema
cause not many people went there to watch
as brem mall is still new
finish at around 9
the movie was great
worth to watch
and wolverine damn yeng
after the movie
went to uncle vincent house =.=
i didnt know we're going there
nothing to do there
all adults, not suit me
so i went to the living room
watching football
chelsea v fulham
chelsea emerge as winner
then later uncle vincent came in
i believe he must had drunk
playing with his puppy
he was acting like a small baby
it's 12 at the morning
mom called me say
it's time to go back
then got back home
and now currently blogging