Thursday, April 30, 2009

football season over

PIC, above: sze hau, kun kuan, soon yee, kuan shen, jun jie, khing yuan,me
below: mesvic, chee seng, wesley, yiao, lay sim, vicky
it is really a great competition for me
as i've learned a lot and improved a lot
but quite disappointed for myself as i miss the penalty
)=sorry guys(but i converted 1 that brought my team to semi)
we were favourites at the start of the competition
but in the end we end up 4th
i felt so sad for my teammates
as we didnt achieve our goal
too bad all of them were form5, final year at school
me the youngest =D
i still have next year
but i really felt wasted because this team have what it takes to be champion
they got the quality and the ability
still we dun have the 'luck'
lastly i would like to thank this team
i was proud to play for them
i'v learned and also improved a lot from you guys man
thanks and thank you shaolin soccer(team name)

OHYEAH...happy 16th birthday vishnu xD

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fcking hot day

it seems that the sun was so happy
smile brightly high above the sky
brighten the 'us' below
well,today is class photo session o.O
obviously i look stupid n f.ugly in the picture
we have to wear that bloody tie somemore
making me sweat like shit
aaron was like never take photo before
rushing to the front when taking free pose
after school went back to borrow dixon pants
and then come back school to support him
congratz to him as he scored 3 goals
after so long of absent from football
(his wearing my boots ><) i think that's what makes him score 3 goals XD at
4 i went to tuition zzz
waited so long to enter the class
once i step in the class suddenly no electricity =.="
so we have no other choice but to study in this condition
damn bloody fcking hot till i sweat
teacher said will only teach for 30mins...yay!
unfortunately after 30mins the electricity is back zzz
a lot as me...only the teacher happy
but not long after...the electricity breaks down again xD
then the teacher promise only 10mins then he'll let us go back
he keep on delaying the time.
crapping and making jokes
which took abt 5mins
then only he resume teaching zzz
some say 'only left 5 mins'
teacher replied '10mins from now not just now'
fine...we all stand him
but fck it man!when he resume
the room become bright and the aircond is functioning back
guess what, there is electricity again
after tuition back to home
home sweet home XD
then dinner
then blogging
then sleep zzz
have a nice day guys =)

Monday, April 27, 2009

back to blogging?
im back