Sunday, September 26, 2010


I knew I did smtg wrong
I make promises and I forgot and I broke it
yet I still asked you
"owh, did I?"
stupid, absent minded and useless rite?
today I broke a promise
and it make YOU cried
it even break your heart
well, ytd I force YOU did what YOU dislike
and I kept on telling YOU
"I don't believe YOU"
maybe thr's a reason for YOU not telling the truth
but without thinking how YOU would feel
and without thinking the effects
I insisted YOU to tell me avthing
and finally I gave up
not gonna force YOU and dun wanna text YOU
but when i saw your msg
I couldn't control myself
I wanna text you
so this time calmly
I asked YOU again to tell the truth
and YOU did
avthing was back to normal then
until when we're on the phone
it was me again, the faulty
to cause any arguement
and so on...

this is the last time I promise YOU
I wont force YOU from doing what YOU dislike
though I've break your heart
make you wept
and even hurt YOU
I'm now here to say I'm SORRY
I hope YOU can forgive me
I still need YOU
I still care about YOU

and most importantly