Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009


it's already over 12
when I'm writing this blog
well, this post is about my pal's
birthday party
he was Ho Swee Ee
along with Dixon, I knew him since primary
he was a great friend
I also felt lucky to have a friend like him
he was kind and very good to others
so, at here
I wanna wish him
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EE(though it should be belated)

Anyway, let me proceed with what happened on
18th Dec of 2009
we prepared a BBQ party for EE
it was held at Maluri, Xon's bro house
at 7pm, many attended it
10 fingers of mine also not enough to count
we knew that burning chicken will take a long time
so we bought KFC xD
and we only burn sausages, fish balls, and crab meat
the whole day, was in the living room
playing card and watching TV
then at around dunno what time
we had the lights turn off and give EE a surprise,
his gf, Kah Yin took out the cake and we sang him a birthday song
and at around 11, almost all left the place
I and Mun Jun also leave
it was freaking cold, when riding the motor
cause it just rained, and my whole body shivering
the party was a huge success
and reach home around 12 something
then BLOG XD

MOM and DAD are coming back to Malaysia soon
my freedom is coming to and end already

Thursday, December 17, 2009