Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fck fck fck !!!


Monday, June 29, 2009

many mouth

on last Saturday
27th of June
it was a schooling day
after pjk lesson
it was modern maths lesson
we ought to pass up our maths 2
but some of us didn't do
so teacher gave us time to do
must pass up before school over
while doing, bell rang
it was time for recess, and I saw suria were in the class
so I wondering how can he come in if teacher was in the class
so I thought teacher already go out
then I started to curse out loud
"This teacher 7 L SH wan lor"
"Give so L many homework"
"P K A K"
then jotham told me that
teacher was in front...
but she didn't take any immediate action
bagusnya now
damn bloody scare to enter maths class already

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


on 18th 19th & 22nd
futsal competition took place
hockey turf
we split into 3 teams
as we got many players on the list
the first team
COME DO IT lead by agilan
the second team
JUST DO IT lead by me
the third team
LET'S DO IT lead by chee seng
the worst team is the team I lead =X
didnt even get passed the group stage
third team's road ended in the last eight
lost to kaki lang Come Do It
and the first team which is the best
qualify for the final and won the title
eliminating both merboks
congratulations to them
as they won in style
destroy their opponents 5-0 in the final

20th of June, Saturday
it was carnival day of my school
was surprised that no lewat for carnival day
reached school around 7.30
then met up with friends
walk around with them, went to hall to see performances
nothing much to do
boring day.
at 10.30, went to help out at qm stall
many stuffs sold out very fast
when I reached there, all I need to do was arranging coupons
then cleaned the place and left the school
around 1.45, went to kee wing's church
SIBKL...around er...kl i think...
me is buddhist not christian
the only reason for me to go church
is because I was too boring staying at home
and so I decided to pay a visit to the church
see how was it
after church, went to eat
kee wing throwed his chewing gum outside the window
then it sticked on a car
so I said "shit"
cos biasa already la...my mouth
then kee wing's mom
damn bloody sensitive
scolded...cannot say scold la
advising zzz as if
she said bla bla bla
I wasnt listening also
then got in the car, rush to jotham's church
while on the way
that bloody auntie spoke again
to so called advise me again FCK !!!
she damn long stamina lor
talk talk talk
zzz...bloody fcking sensitive
reached jotham church
then saw his girl god
nothing much happened in the church
played some game
and went to dinner at spicy
after spicy, jot's girl god's sister, Sheryl
brought us home...
I wasn't going home but to futsal court
so she fetch me to the ktm station there, from there I walked to futsal court
then she fetch the rest of them back home
it was damn bloody fun
futsal, played till 9.45
injured left shoulder
then juin ee send me back
reached home, dad and mom was not in
lagi bagus, keluar mamak
bungkus teh o' ais limau
then back home
chatted with jotham awhile
then not long after, sleep time
and my day end
when i closed my eye.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

piala lange

it's been so long since i've update the blog
because im not busy recently =p
eh...why not busy le ? isn't it should be busy ?
because im so lazy to update
though many events took placed
erm...today im gonna write about football stuffs again
sorry to my bloggie fan
cause im writing something involving football again
erm...on...I forgot when was it already
it was related to the previous post of 7-11 cup
should I called it piala lange ?
cause it is written on the medal...YEAH medal !
why do I know such things were written on the medal ?
cause I got 1...I won 1 xD
not only the medal I won
the trophy as well
trophy means that we're champions
yup we won the tournament
anyway, it was on morning
around 8 something
the tournament go on
only 4 teams participate...haiz, too little
so we played round robin
each teams get to play with each others
the top 2 will be in the finals
obviously, my team, SHAOLIN SOCCER
will be in the final
and also the favourites, prefixes as our opponent
as expected we've really enter the final
versusing prefixes lol
but the long way to the final isn't as easy as what we expected
same goes to prefixes
they need late goals to win
before the final
the weather was great
cloudy and not sunny
and it rained in a short while
despite the rain, we still continue
it was a really tough match for us
though our defence did super great jobs to keep them at bay
while they attacking, we successfully clear the ball
and I got the ball, without hesitating
In my sight I only got soon yee to pass
so, I passed to him
and the counter attack when smoothly
and in a crucial time of the match
chee seng out of nowhere received the ball from soon yee
and slotted the ball in the goal
our first goal, I think it lower their morale
and then we got another counter attack
and this goal
also from chee seng !
finish them off...
full time whistle were blown
and we are the champions !!!
after the match, the referees and also the organizer gave speeches
and also presented the medal to us

shaolin soccer football club =D

shaolin with prefixes

Thursday, June 11, 2009

bye Ron

ronaldo last match for united v barcelona

on June 2009
manchester united had accepted a 80m bid
for our world's best player
Cristiano Ronaldo
finally dreams come true
as his dream move to real madrid will be completed by the end of the month
it was a shocking news for me
as well as all the red devils fans
but we should already knew that this day will come
it's a great loss for manchester united
but they have 80m to spend =P
anyway, all the best to ronaldo
good luck for your new journey

here's are a video of ronaldo


18th JUNE 2009

i wanted to go so badly !!!
too bad many place also sold out already
TT that pokai chindian, suren going
he got 3 tickets which is rm 100 each
but he sell each of it for rm 15o
fcker !!!
I really wanted to see MANU man
! I wanted to see my idols !!!




Monday, June 8, 2009

pasar malamS

pasar malam
or can we convert to english ?
night market ?lol
on monday, went to cheras pm
reach there around 10
zzz fcking late rite ? and why ?
because of my sister's good boy friend
he got so many time to see doctor, but he dont wan
he chooses to use the time to see doctor
which is the time we should been in pm
reach there...got nothing to buy already
so, got nothing to eat
then move on to kfc ==
the felar sick, still can eat kfc ?
i dont really give a damn
as long as i get to eat enough already
futhermore, it's him the one that paid for it
well, today went to another pm
which is in pj, ss2 there...know where ?
er...it was long, many things to eat also
cause reached early
but bought little things la
about 1 hour like that
went back luu
and currently blogging

Sunday, June 7, 2009

7-11 cup

7-11 cup
organise by alan lo dou
only open for warga smkb
the tournament is really really really
so damn fcking boring
1 week per game
making it like epl la
damn big tournament it seems
"you need time to rest after you played a game"
didnt inform us also that we only play 1 time
making all of us wait almost 1 hour zzz
first match 3-0, comfortable win
did addmaths, almost all question also wrong
zzz then gave up
dont want to do already
revision during holidays
sound so stupid and it was like making yourself suffer
as holidays, we suppose to enjoy ?
well, now im going to enjoy myself already
so, i'll stop here
have a nice day everyone (=

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wedding dinner

attended "biao zhe"(uncle)'s wedding dinner
at choi wah lou, jinjang
congratulations to him and also his wife
stay happy together forever
stay sweet as well
around 7.30 we reached there
me my parents and 2 sister went
vip seat man lol
the most front seat, beside the bride and bridegroom'a table
waited for almost 1 and a quater of an hour
for the meals ==
everything was just fine for me
until i suffer from stomach pain
argh ! ruined my day
all i can do is just stand the pain and continue the day
there a ppl singing also la
most of them oso sing like toad
but some of them really nice la
e.g my aunt...sang 1 of my favourite hokkien song
woots !
1 of them were funny
and that happened to be my uncle
LOL...not the bride
he too long din sing already
till forgot how to sing, always miss sing
too bad no video taken
if not you all can enjoy
erm...around 10 almost to 11
went back home
and currently in front of the pc