Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zelite Portable Charger

images of portable chargers's portable
no need to attached to switch
can bring to anywhere
I'm currently selling this now
it cost rm148 for the small wan
where as the big wan cost rm240

to anyone who is interested in it
you can call me
or even msn me

your purchase is highly appreciated
thank you

Sunday, August 2, 2009

steamboat buffet

yesterday night
went to steamboat buffet
with Jotham and his church friends
not I perasan want to go myself
I'm invited =)
anyway, I'm not a christian
I'm a buddhist lol
why I'm invited ?
cos I know them lor..
approx 5, reach Jot house
David Alexander went too
we gather at Jot house before leaving to his church
while in Jot house, saw his guitar
woah...cantiknya LOL
I told him to play and he did good man
after reached Jot's church
we set off to qq steamboat
at metro prima
we just need to pay rm15 the rest was sponsored
makan makan makan
chat chat chat
play play play
then I'm done
full already
ice cream's the last
Jot's bro, Jonathan fetch me back
reached home, thought of blogging geh..
but was lazy and fell asleep already
so, I blogged it today