Saturday, July 25, 2009

farewell party

today, 25th July 09
we made a special farewell party for our friend
sujin, who will be migrating to US soon
8pm at kepong garden playground
not many came
but still, it was fun
ordered domino pizza
after that, all played ice and fire
tiring but fun
white shirts were ice
black and other colours were fire
simply run around the playground
basil brought his skate board
we all played
and it was funny cos most of us does not know how to play
and cant balance ourself
some also fell down
later that night
they all started water balloon
I didn't play
don't want to get wet
so, just sit and chat with Joshua
well, that's all for tonight
and I'm so heavy hearted to see sujin leave
having knew him for 7 years
also got "gam ching" already lor
anyway, we have to move on
wish him all the best in his new life
sayonara Sujindren !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kam jik

suffering stomachache since
last Friday
which is 10th July
every night it was just so hard to sleep
it was like someone keep on
punching me inside my stomach
it lasted for 3 consecutive days
as a result, me decided to go for check up
indian doctor
however, the med given never work
the pain is still there
it was so unbearable
and the next day I went for another clinic
chinese doctor
he claims that the indian doctor's med is for food poison
and it will harm my stomach
another set of med was given to me=.=
I eat med and also eat vegetarian for 4 days already la
beh tahan !
when I thought I was going to heal already
then in the middle of the night of
17th of July
the pain was back
and I end up waking up 3 times
and 3 times went to toilet and "throw water big"
after throwing, felt more relax
and went to sleep
but it only lasted a while
then I woke up again
could it be kam jik ?
kam jik is a hokkien word
it means worms
when you're suffering stomachache
sometimes it is because of kam jik(worm)
the story goes on till the next morning


well, it's late now
and I'll have to take med and go to bed
so, good night everyone
and OH

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


last Saturday, 11th July
me, chen, kor weng and wei ming
went to 1u to redeem our tickets
MU tickets
reach there about 8
many people were earlier than us
approx 200 people were in front of us
banyaknya !
stand for 4 hours
from 8 to 12 something
we got quite low prices ticket
thanks to those who cut line
gengnya !
we stand for 4 hours
you stand for 1 hours
you were in front of us
at the start there is a chinese group and a singh
behind us
but le...too many cut in our line
so when I look behind, they were far away from us already
then le...the singh and 1 of the chinese
beh tahan liao !
scolded...cannot count as scold la...something like
saying "please be fair a bit la...for people behind there"
"they are here from 8 something, then u just come
u straight away cut in our line, what is this ?"
"please know why malaysia so jam ?"
"it is because too many of people like you"
"not considerable and uncivilized..."
then some of the indian boy went away
I heard a guy behind, who also cut in wan...
whispering..."who is he ?...why he talk so much la"
after that the singh talk to another uncle
which is the worst
the line was too long till it make a turn
a U turn shape like that
the guy was wearing adidas shirt and pants is fake ?
he from the other line...cut in to our line
just behind me and wei ming
then I and wei ming whisper a bit
"fucker man the felar, from there he come behind us already"
"yea la...mofo "
the conver between the singh and the uncle

I'm sorry uncle but please...
eh please get it all right
I was lining up for my son
he was here just now(was he here?didn't see some other people behind us also)
and now he went to tuition, so I took over his place
but uncle you must think
I didn't see anyone similar as you
and as I know we were behind the chinese boy(chen)
all the time
I already got the ticket wan ok...
now I just wan to take for my son
and he lined up here

then bla bla bla
and the arguement stop
and at the end of the day
we got our tickets and also the training pass
chen, kor weng and me got rm68 ticket
while wei ming got rm58, sorry have to sit alone
after securing the tickets
went for mcD and reunion with Ben
and then went for movie
transformers 2 =.= I watch already wan
but ben kw and wm haven
so just go lor...if not walk alone outside meh
like so lou
after movie
all of us took bus back to metro
and at metro
we said byebye to wm chen and kw
me and ben went dinner at metro
with dixon and ee they all
after dinner, manjalara
snooker, bad game
got no form
then le...back home
and kept smsing others that
remember go train station the next morning(Sunday 12th July)
at 6, got cross country
but didn't go cause of stomach virus

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

who's the best ?

ronaldo and kaka
kaka and ronaldo

who's the best ?
well, they are teammate now
so, it's hard to see

fake photo zzz
internet made wan

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Leadership Experience Opportunity Club