Monday, October 18, 2010

will you?

bet i couldn't open my mouth when i see you tmr
so i decided to type it out here
eventhough i said there's no way turning back now
tears was flowing down my eyes
it's not a lie
it really hurts to say smtg that is not true
i cant live without you is true
every day and night i am missing you
there's always smtg related to you in my mind
i cant help it but let it flows
i dun wanna live with regret
i really dun wanna break up
when u said u wanna do so
it's true that i dont feel a thing
but as time goes by
each day was hard to go through
i knew it
i knew it was you
who was missing from my heart
i wanna ask you why
but i dun dare
cause i scare it would only hurt me
whether you believe or not
it was from the bottom of my heart
i wanna be with you
i dont wanna separate with you
now all i wanna say is
can you gave us another chance?'s all up to you
it's either yes or no
but obviously i would wanna hear a yes from you
cause i know that
i love you
i still very love you
if u feel the same
i hope u would accept my love
but if you feel the different way
then i would accept the fact
anyway,dun be with me if u feel guilty
be with me if it's only when you love me
that's all

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